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Think global – study and work local

We live in a globalised world that is growing more and more together. The technological developments in the fields of communications and logistics are bringing us all closer and closer. Our Partner companies also operate globally, and are part of international networks. This leads to challenges that can only be mastered with the right skill sets. Knowledge of other languages and overseas experience are essential soft skills for the managers of the future.

Language skills open more doors: Focus on international competences

If you want to work in an international context, if other languages and cultures interest you, then you should study internationally. UAMS offers you the opportunity to gain the essential skills for a successful, international career:

  • Develop your knowledge of other languages
  • Learn to be proactive and to work independently
  • Get to know different cultures and develop social skills

Studying internationally widens your thinking processes, see the world from a different point of view. These are experiences that will develop your personality and bring you further in your future business career.

Decide yourself how international you want your university studies to be

Unlike other private universities, we offer you a wide range of options to make your university education international. The big difference is – you decide to what extent you want to take advantage of these possibilities:

  • You can, for example, decide to study 100% in English (BA Management in International Business)
  • You can learn another foreign language alongside English – with the advantage that this other language does not affect your grades
  • As well as studying internationally, you can do your internship during an overseas semester, perhaps with one of our internationally operating Partner companies
  • Furthermore, we will encourage you to study for a semester overseas at one of our partner universities, possibly with funding from the ERASMUS+ programme
  • If you study at UAMS you will be part of an international campus, with fellow students (and teaching staff) from a wide variety of countries and cultures

Study internationally at UAMS: You are very welcome

Located in the heart of Mannheim, we offer students from all over the world a multitude of opportunities to get to know the German culture and the German language whilst studying for your BA Management in International Business in English. Of course, if you have fluent German you can also study for one of our German language degrees. Alternatively, you can get your German to the necessary standard with the Goethe Institut, our partner on our campus. Whichever route, you will experience learning in small groups, in a family atmosphere, and with a strong orientation towards business needs.

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The advantages of international study at UAMS

HakenExpand and deepen your language skills alongside your studies HakenDevelop your personal skills, and your intercultural competences HakenGain overseas experience in the world of business HakenStudy on a truly international campus HakenFreedom to choose how international you make your studies – according to your own circumstances and needs HakenStudy internationally, practically oriented and part of a wide network

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Your contact person

Gizem Weber M.A.
International Office

phone: +49 (0)621 490 712-17
fax: +49 (0)621 490 712-88

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Your contact person

Gizem Weber

Gizem Weber M.A.
International Office

phone: +49 (0)621 490 712-17
fax: +49 (0)621 490 712-88

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