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A partnership with UAMS – it’s more than University Marketing

Our Partner companies are key to our subsidised Management degree programmes. The benefits of a partnership go far beyond the classic reasons why companies undertake university marketing. Their contributions give Partner companies a head start when it comes to finding the managers of the future. Being a Partner company also helps establish your reputation as an attractive employer.

Find the future members of your management team

Unlike with a Cooperative University, as a Partner with UAMS you do not have decide on the student(s) you will support at the beginning of their studies. You have many opportunities to get to meet your preferred candidate(s) during their studies.

The first three semesters constitute a “getting acquainted” phase. You have the first meetings with students and can intensify the contacts when students work on a case study in your company. This gives you the chance to really get to know the students as they work on a real problem during working hours and you also have the chance to “sell the company” to the students.

After you have found your desired candidate there follows the “binding” phase. During the 4th semester internship, both parties have the chance to really get to know one another, so that at the end of the internship they can decide whether they want enter into a contract or not. In their fifth and sixth semesters, they can be working students and during their sixth and final semester, they can, in their Bachelor dissertation, investigate a problem relevant to your business – an excellent basis on which to build a career in your company.

Throughout the three years you will be supported by our Careers Service, which acts as an interface between students and Partner companies. In this way we help you to find the students, that best meet your requirements.

The UAMS Bachelor Degrees

  • B. Sc. Psychology and Management (in German)
  • B. A. Beratung and Sales Management (in German)
  • B. A. Management und Unternehmensführung (in German)
  • B. A. Management in International Business (in English)
  • B. A. Social Work – Integration Management (in German)

Earn a Master’s Degree – in full-time or part-time study

UAMS is internationally aligned and very close to the business world, hence our degree offers don’t stop at Bachelor level. We have Master level degrees in Business management, Sales Management and Sustainable Management as well as a targeted set of Further education courses. The latter give you the opportunity to further develop your staff and to keep them with the company.

An overview of our Master’s Degrees

  • M. A. Business Management

The main benefits of being a UAMS Partner Company – at a glance:

HakenReally get to know candidates before you employ them – thus minimizing the risk of choosing the wrong candidate HakenWork with our Careers Service to identify the right talents for your business HakenGet more out of your university marketing and develop your “Employer Brand” HakenNegligible support effort compared with a partnership with a cooperative university HakenEfficient, targeted use of your university marketing budget HakenBenefit from degree courses targeted at labour market bottleneck skills HakenHand on to your future managers after their first degree studies, offer them attractive further development perspectives

You want to become a Partner Company – or you would like further information?

» Arrange Advisory Service Appointment

Your contact person

Your contact person

Dr. Mareike Martini
Cooperation and Partnership

phone:+49 (0)621 490 712-14
fax: +49 (0)621 490 712-88

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Your contact person

Dr. Mareike Martini
Cooperation and Partnership

phone:+49 (0)621 490 712-14
fax: +49 (0)621 490 712-88

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