What will my “Management in International Business” degree course cost?

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for Management in International Business are €590 per month. Students coming from outside Germany will be required to pay for the first semester in advance - i.e. prior to enrolment.

As this is an English track programme, no knowledge of German is required, however if you speak and write German fluently (European Common Framework Reference B2) then this will be an advantage to you in finding an internship place - which you have to do for your fourth semester.

Other fees

There is a application fee of €50, payable at the time of the application. If your application results in enrollment and a legally binding contract between you and the HdWM, the fee of 50 Euro will be deducted from the enrolment fee of €390. For your thesis, there is also a fee of €390. You also have to pay a so-called Solidarity Contribution of €24.50 per semester.

Please see the fees schedule for further details.

Living expenses

Living expenses vary from person to person according to your lifestyle and whether you wish to rent your own flat or share a flat with other students.

Health Insurance is compulsory and for a young and healthy student is available from between €30 to €75 per month.

Most students buy a semester ticket from the local public transport company. This costs €165 per semester but you then have free travel on all buses, trams and local trains in the region.

For books you should reckon with €300 to €400 per semester.