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The subsidised Bachelor Programme

Are you are looking to study Management on a degree programme that teaches the skills companies need from future managers, and thus offers excellent career opportunities? Are you looking for a full-time course of study with lots of opportunities to meet company representatives and which includes an internship so that you can gain practical experience – but you don’t want to tie yourself to one company from the outset? Then the UAMS in Mannheim is the right place for you. Our unique, subsidised bachelor programmes, combine the benefits of full time study with those of a cooperative mode of study and allow you to meet our Partner Companies during your time with us.


The UAMS Study Model: First get to know one another and then tie the knot

Some of our German language courses offer programmes subsidised by Partner Companies, but unlike a cooperative university programme you are not bound to one company from the word go. You get opportunities to meet Partner companies before you have to decide on one.

During the first three semesters you can have first discussions, and then deepen the contact with an in-company Case Study Project. There then follows an internship, after which both sides can decide whether or not they wish to sign a contract. In the 5th and 6th semesters you can combine work and study before laying the foundation of a successful career with a final Bachelor Dissertation.

Structure Map of the Bachelor

180 ECTS | Length of Internship 18 weeks

Degree courses that guarantee excellent job opportunities

The Business Studies and Management degree courses at UAMS are clearly targeted to meet the needs of business. Leadership, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and IT are areas for which there will continue to be a strong demand for well-trained managers. UAMS’s three year Management degrees lead to BA (Bachelor of Arts) and BSc (Bachelor of Science) qualifications according to specialisation.

Bachelor Degrees in subsidised full time courses

  • B. Sc. Psychology and Management Studies (German)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) Management und Unternehmensführung (German)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) Management in International Business (English)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) Beratung und Vertriebsmanagement (German)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) Social Work – Integration Management (German)

Do your qualifications meet our admission requirements?

As a state-approved university, we only accept students whose school leaving certificates meet the general university or polytechnic entrance requirements, or who have demonstrated their suitability according to Baden-Württemberg Higher Education Law or who have a comparable right to study earned overseas.

Alongside these formal qualifications we also value personal qualities – you should definitely possess the basic requirements for successfully studying Business and Management – good cognitive and planning abilities, and the ability to express oneself orally and in writing.

Moderate tuition fees thanks to our subsidised study model

Tuition fees at UAMS are moderate, thanks to subsidies by our partner companies. This enables us to keep the tuition fees affordable.

Tuition fees for our Management degree programmes start from 390 Euros per month. If you prefer not to participate in the subsidised programme, or wish to study on one of the non-subsidised programme (such as the English language degree course Management in International Business), your tuition fees will be 590 Euros per month.

The Benefits of studying at UAMS at a glance

HakenYou apply direct to us HakenAll degrees – B. A. as well as B. Sc. – are accredited HakenThe university itself is fully accredited HakenYou don’t have to commit to a company until you have had chance to get to know them HakenYou benefit from subsidised fees but have all the benefits of a private university (small groups, intensive tutoring, etc.). HakenYou study Management with relatively moderate fees HakenYou have many options for following on with a Master’s degree – perhaps together with your Partner Company

You want to find out more about the advantages of studying at UAMS or you want more details about a particular course of study?

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